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Balls are interactive craftable toys. The player can hit it to move it around, else after 5 seconds it will go back into an item, no matter if it's on the ground or air. There are currently 8 balls available:

Ball Crafting Effect
Slime ball.pngSlime ball x30
Slime part.png
Wisp ball.pngWisp ball x30
Wisp dust.png
Wisp dust
Lightweight; Provides small amount of light
Zombie ball.pngZombi ball x1
Zombie mask.png
Zombie mask, x20
Zombie part.png
Zombie parts
Quite heavy
Bouncing ball.pngBouncing ball x15
Strange vegetal matter.png
Strange vegetal matter
Extremely bouncy
Antigravity ball.pngAntigravity ball x30 Crystal.pngSmall crystals Goes into the opposite direction of the ground
Lightweight ball.pngLightweight ball x3
Sacred feather.png
Sacred feathers
Cannonball.pngCannonball x10
Iron bar.png
Iron bars
Extremely heavy
Gold ball.pngGold ball x10
Gold bar.png
Gold bars
Extremely heavy
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