Bronze Sword

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The Bronze Sword is an early game melee weapon and is the fourth weakest of the craft-able swords. It is a minor upgrade from the Forged Sword, with a base damage/critical bonus improvement of 1 from its predecessor.

Bronze Sword
Image Name Ingredients Crafting Station Weapon Description
Bronze Sword.png Bronze Sword 5 Bronze bar.png Bronze Bars Bronze anvil.png Bronze Anvil "A heavy sword with a dull blade, made of an alloy of tin and copper."
Image Name Damage Cost to Upgrade
Bronze Sword.png Bronze Sword 6 Cutting Damage

6-9 (Critical) Damage

Bronze Sword2.png Bronze Sword (Lvl 2) 6 Cutting Damage

7-10 (Critical) Damage

10% Cut Damage Bonus

1 Bronze Bar, 5 Souls
Bronze Sword3.png Bronze Sword (Lvl 3) 6 Cutting Damage

8-11 (Critical) Damage

20% Cut Damage Bonus

2 Bronze Bars, 15 Souls
Bronze Sword4.png Bronze Sword (Lvl 4) 6 Cutting Damage

8-12 (Critical) Damage

30% Cut Damage Bonus

3 Bronze Bars, 27 Souls
Bronze Sword5.png Bronze Sword (Lvl 5) 6 Cutting Damage

9-14 (Critical) Damage

45% Cut Damage Bonus

4 Bronze Bars, 48 Souls
Bronze Sword6.png Bronze Sword (Lvl 6) 6 Cutting Damage

10-15 (Critical) Damage

60% Cut Damage Bonus

6 Bronze Bars, 90 Souls
Bronze Sword7.png Bronze Sword (Lvl 7) 6 Cutting Damage

12-18 (Critical) Damage

90% Cut Damage Bonus

8 Bronze Bars, 180 Souls