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Chests are storage items that can be used, once unlocked, by the player to keep their items and free inventory space or to be used as a mechanism where the contents inside automatically load into crafting stations such as the foundry. Chests contain a random assortment of potions, metal bars, rings, necklaces, seals or crystals. All chests can currently store up to 32 items in a 4x8 grid and occupy 2x2 tiles.

Unlock prices and location
Wooden chest 150 Souls Surface, underground, mini biomes
Iron chest 300 Souls Surface, underground, mini biomes, challenge dungeons
Silver chest 600 Souls Underground, mini biomes, challenge dungeons
Gold chest 1200 Souls Underground, mini biomes, challenge dungeons
Magic chest 666 Souls + one of each chipped gem: ruby, diamond, amethyst, agate and topaz Underground
Fire chest 2400 Souls + 16 Fire orbs Hell
Mimic chest 3200 Souls Hell, meat lairs

All chests.png


  • Mimic chests can also spawn as monsters, only being distinguishable from normal mimic chests by the way they often do not align with tiles, having half of their bodies floating. Otherwise, their hover UI still displays as normal, requiring 3200 souls. If the players touches them, they'll become hostile and deal high amounts of damage.
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