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Crafting[edit | edit source]

Basic crafting[edit | edit source]

One of the basic aspects of the game, gathering materials allows you to craft various items and stations to help you to progress in the game. The first items can be crafted by pressing the O key, which opens the Basic crafting window.

Advanced crafting table[edit | edit source]


One of the most important crafting stations in the game, the Advanced Crafting Table allows you to craft various other items like more crafting stations, furniture, and balls. There are also special tables that can be crafted using the corresponding materials, which make specific themed furniture.

Furnace[edit | edit source]


The Furnace is used to smelt ores into bars, rock into brick, and sand into glass. It also allows for the creation of Anvils.

Anvils[edit | edit source]

Golden anvil.png

Anvils are used to craft items that require metal bars. They exist in 7 tiers, depending on the metal used.

Magitech craft table[edit | edit source]

Magitech craft table.png

allow you to make Magitech components

Cooking & Food Stations[edit | edit source]

Campfire[edit | edit source]


This crafting station is used to make basic foods using meat and other materials. It also acts as a light and healing source.

Middle Ages Cauldron[edit | edit source]


The Middle Ages Cauldron allows food to be cooked into dishes using multiple food items.

Chicken Manger[edit | edit source]


The Chicken Manger can be loaded with corn and wheat to attract up to three nearby chickens, making them tame (tame animals cannot be attacked by you). Tame and fed chickens periodically generate eggs into the Produce section. Levels and skills of tame chickens do not persist currently.

Cow Manger[edit | edit source]


The Cow Manger can be loaded with corn and wheat to attract nearby cow (or attack her and let her follow You), making it tame (tame animals cannot be attacked by you). Tame and fed cow periodically generate Milk into the Produce section.

Meat Rack[edit | edit source]


The Meat Rack can be loaded with meat (only meat, not Ham) which then converts into Dried Meat over time.

NPC Stations[edit | edit source]

These special Crafting Stations are used by rescued Chlorinians to generate random items with the corresponding resources.

Smith's Anvil[edit | edit source]


The Smith's Anvil is used by the Smithy Chlorinians to create randomized items based on the type of ingot. Stats and rarity also vary.

Chef's Cauldron[edit | edit source]


The Chef's Cauldron is used by the Chef Chlorinians to cook randomized food requiring basic ingredients. It will only use the ingredients listed in the resource, but can create random dishes without the actual ingredients.

Wizard's Table[edit | edit source]


The Wizard's Table is used by the Alchemist Chlorinians to craft potions by putting the required flower types into the resources section.

Recycling[edit | edit source]

Block maker[edit | edit source]


The Block Maker is used to create special blocks by recycling dirt, stones or wood.

Crusher Machine[edit | edit source]


The Crusher Machine destroy accessories to get powder or recycle materials.

Foundry[edit | edit source]


Allows for ingot-based items (Rings, Armor and Weapons) to be smelted back into bars and Gems.

Transmutation table[edit | edit source]


Allows you to transform any rune or gem of any tier(except chicken rune and amethist gem) into another rune/gem of the same tier

Special Crafting Stations[edit | edit source]

Runic Anvil[edit | edit source]

Runic anvil.png

A special anvil used to encrust Runes to equipment. This includes weapons, armor, and tools. You currently cannot add runes to a bow.Additionally, it must have an open slot to encrust a rune. Runes can be removed using the Runic Anvil at any time.

Runic Crafting Table[edit | edit source]


The Runic Crafting Table is used to create stronger versions of a rune. Four runes of the same type are used to craft a stronger version of the rune.You can create up to level 7 runes.

Alchemy Table[edit | edit source]


The Alchemy table is a crafting station used to make potions. All potions require a catalyst flask and a flask to make a potion of any type.

Transformation Table[edit | edit source]


The Transformation Table allows you to transform into an in-game mob.You will need dark souls to unlock transformations.These can be obtained by sacrificing monsters trapped in soul gems.All give different amounts although higher rarity monsters give more.You will also need transformation seals. Each monster uses a different seal. You may find these in chests around the world. Some transformations allow you to use the mob's combat or movement abilities.

Enchantment Book[edit | edit source]


The Enchantment Book allows you to craft your own Spells using parchment and gems. Higher level spells require higher level gems and more souls.

Jewelry table[edit | edit source]


Allows for gemstones to be merged together to form better gems. Better gems are required for better spells and better soul gems. To create a higher level gem you will need 4 of the previous level of gem.

Polishing machine[edit | edit source]

Allows you to increase the tier of any gemstone (except amethist) at the cost of souls