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Flowers hd.png

Flowers are used for Alchemy and can grow anywhere on the surface grass. Some flowers also only grow in the Snow Biome.

It's good to know that flowers are the easiest item to find when it comes to Potions or Catalysts.

Alchemy[edit | edit source]

Catalysts[edit | edit source]

Flowers are used to make Catalysts which are then used to make various buff or healing potions.

All of the flowers used in Potions are possible to get on a normal surface grass.

Visual Name Tooltip used in
Caly flower.png
Caly Flower "A little flower used as a catalyst."
Catalyst flask.png
Catalyst Flask
Tri Flower "Its shape evokes a well-known legend on earth."
Large catalyst flask.png
Large Catalyst Flask
Super catalyst flask.png
Super Catalyst Flask
Phoenix Flower "Its shape evokes a famous mythical creature."
Epic catalyst flask.png
Epic Catalyst Flask
Legendary catalyst flask.png
Legendary Calyst Flask

Potions[edit | edit source]

These flowers are the key ingredients in many buff potions.

Name Tooltip used in
Bloody Cupola.png
Bloody Cupola "A flower with blood-red petals that some creatures of the night wouldn't have denied."
Small healing potion.png
Healing potion.png
Large healing potion.png
Super healing potion.png
Epic healing potion.png
Legendary healing potion.png

Every Healing potion

Green flower.png
Green Flower "A pretty green flower."
Small stamina potion.png
Stamina potion.png
Large stamina potion.png
Super stamina potion.png
Epic stamina potion.png
Legendary stamina potion.png

Every Stamina potion

Red flower.png
Red Flower "A pretty red flower."
Small regen potion.png
Regen potion.png
Large regen potion.png
Super regen potion.png
Epic regen potion.png
Legendary regen potion.png

Every Regen potion

Smiley flower.png
Smiley Flower "A flower whose petals form a smiley."
Small recovery potion.png
Recovery potion.png
Large recovery potion.png
Super recovery potion.png
Epic recovery potion.png
Legendary recovery potion.png

Every Recovery potion

Buttons flower.png
Buttons Flower "By smelling the delicate perfume of this flower, you suddenly feel healthier."
Small life potion.png
Life potion.png
Large life potion.png
Super life potion.png
Epic life potion.png
Legendary life potion.png

Every Life potion

Shuriken flower.png
Shuriken Flower "Its shape evokes a very common weapon amongst shadow warriors."
Small power potion.png
Power potion.png
Large power potion.png
Super power potion.png
Epic power potion.png
Legendary power potion.png

Every Power potion

Butterfly flower.png
Butterfly Flower "This flower looks like a beautiful butterfly."
Small haste potion.png
Haste potion.png
Large haste potion.png
Super haste potion.png
Epic haste potion.png
Legendary haste potion.png

Every Haste potion

Decoration Flowers[edit | edit source]

These flowers are not used in anything in term of crafting, serving only as pretty decorations.

Grass Flowers[edit | edit source]

Visual Name Tooltip
Brain flower.png
Brain Flower "The overall pattern of this flower looks like a brain."
Purple flower.png
Purple Flower "A pretty purple flower."
Heart flower.png
Heart Flower "A flower whose petals form a heart."
Yellow tulip.png
Yellow Tulip "A yellow colored Tulip."
Rainbow flower.png
Rainbow Flower "A flower whose petals form a splendid rainbow."
Orange Tulip.png
Orange Tulip "An orange colored tulip."
Orange Flower.png
Orange Flower "A pretty orange flower."
Sun lotus.png
Sun Lotus "A magnificent lotus."
Violet flower.png
Violet Flower "A pretty violet flower"
Gum flower.png
Gum Flower "A flower that looks like chewing gum."
Blue flower.png
Blue Flower "A pretty blue flower."

Snow Flowers[edit | edit source]

These flowers only grow on the Snow Biome.

Visual Name Tooltip
Winter flower.png
Winter Flower "It only grows on winter."
Cutting flower.png
Cutting Flower "A flower with sharp petals. Be careful!"
Ice flower.png
Ice Flower "A flower that grows only where the cold reigns."
Ice lotus.png
Ice Lotus "A magnificent lotus that grows only in glacial environments."
Lily of the valley.png
Lily of the Valley "The symbol of spring."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

• The Tri-Flower is a reference to the Triforce from the famous video-game series The Legend of Zelda.

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