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The inventory is where all the player's items, spells, food, armor, weapons, runes, furniture and blocks will be sorted and stored.

The GUI is divided into the following sections:

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  1. Gem slot - This is where items such as the Butterfly/Stamina/ gem, go.
  2. Armor slots
  3. Ring slots
  4. Vanity slots - Items such as mask and spare armor pieces go here. Armor equipped here does not grant any effects.
  5. Pet slot - Where pets such as the Jack or Phoenix go. They act just like caught monsters.
  6. Necklace slot
  7. Wing slot (currently unused as there are no wings in the game yet)
  8. Backpack section - Shows all items you currently have.
  9. Weapons section - Shows all kinds of weapons, gems, rings, necklaces, masks, and tools (axe and hoe)
  10. Materials section - Shows all the materials (wood, stone, orbs, ores, bars)
  11. Decoration section - Shows all kinds of plants, furniture and decoration items.
  12. Blocks section - Shows every block.
  13. Food section - Shows all consumable food items, along with crystals and wisps.
  14. Spells section - Shows all player-made spells and all collected gems.
  15. Runes section - Shows all runes.

Aside from those, at the bottom of the main 8 slots there are six bars, which only one of these is used as of now to show how many dark souls you have.