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The following types of friendly NPCs exist:

  • Chloridians - Rescued from underground Prisons and can be given jobs to create items.

NPCs unemployed.png

The Quest Giver stone may also be classified as an NPC. It resides in the starting biome and cannot be broken (nor the stone beneath it).

For unfriendly / hostile NPCs refer to the Monsters section.

Jobs[edit | edit source]

Cook[edit | edit source]

Needs Chefs cauldron 1.png Chef's Cauldron

Can craft random Pastries and Desserts if you provide the required ingredients.

Smith[edit | edit source]

Needs Smiths anvil.png Smith's Anvil

Can craft random Weapons or Armors if you provide the required ingredients.

Alchemist[edit | edit source]

Needs Wizards table icon 2.png Wizard's Table

Can craft Potions and Catalysts if you provide the required ingredients.

Guardian[edit | edit source]

Defends the Quest Crystal from potential threats.