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Pets can be referred to player equipable items or monsters caught in soul gems. They provide defense or attack, depending on the command given by the Flute of taming.

When a pet gets to 0 health, it will go back into their soul gem and will passively recover health, as long as it stays in the player's inventory long enough. KO'd (defeated pets) will only be able to be summoned again when they reach their full health.

To prevent waiting so much, the player can heal a summoned pet with the healing spell. You can check if they're available to use by a red asterisk(*) indicating it's ready, or a black * when it's not (KO'd). Pets have a stamina bar, however it is only used when the pet is tranfered into a seal and will be consumed upon attacking or flying, depending on the monster.

The player can only have a single summoned pet, but it can be accompanied by equipable pets, listed below, who provide different effects.

Equipable pets
Pet Obtained by Effects
Orb Necro.png Necromancer orb Dropped by the Necromancer boss Attacks nearby monsters by a fireball, dealing 5 damage, every second. It will fire even when no monsters are around.
Jack.png Jack Crafting at the Advanced crafting table for x30 Pumpkin.png + x2 Chipped Amethyst.pngChipped amethyst Gives Candy.pngCandy or Caramel.pngCaramel periodically. Can be leveled up to level 70 and will act as a defensive pet, taking damage for the player while still being able to attack monsters if they inherit traits such as the electric burst.
Shiba.png Shiba Unkown Unknown
Phenix.png Phoenix Phoenix Sword Acts as a regular summoned pet.