Shadow Armor

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Shadow Armor.pngShadow Armor[edit | edit source]

parts can be found in Dungeons

Shadow Armor Chest.png

Shadow Armor Chest

Found in Leaf Dungeon

Shadow Armor Gloves.png

Shadow Armor Gloves

Found in Sand Dungeon (Hard)

Obtained from the Desert Dungeon

Shadow Armor Greaves.png

Shadow Armor Greaves

Found in Snow Dungeon

Shadow Armor Helmet.png

Shadow Armor Helmet

Found in Ice Dungeon

Shadow Armor Sword.png

Shadow Armor Sword

Found in Castle Dungeon

Soul piece[edit | edit source]

Found in Shadow Dungeon

Shadow Armor Heart.png

Shadow Armor Heart

Found in Shadow Dungeon (Hard)

Activation[edit | edit source]

Craft the shadow armor in the crafting table in the gem tab. Activation is like Seals engraving.

Activating Shadow Armor.png

Attack[edit | edit source]

Slash attack - Normal

Dark Pulse Wave - Special