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Tools are items that allow you to manipulate the land around you. Currently, the types of tool in the game are the pickaxe, axe and hoe. The only hoe in the game is the wooden hoe.

Pickaxes[edit | edit source]

Pickaxes are tools which allow the player to break blocks like dirt, rock, ore, bricks etc.

Image Name Block Damage Digging Cooldown Damage Ingredients Explanation Crafting Station Description
Wooden pickaxe.png
Wooden Pickaxe 2 22 1 3 Wood Chunks - An improvised wooden pickaxe.
Tin pickaxe.png
Tin Pickaxe 4 22 1 [No Image] 1 Wood Chunk, 2 Tin Bars
Tin Anvil
A tin pickaxe.
Copper pickaxe.png
Copper Pickaxe 5 20 2 [No Image] 2 Copper Bars, 1 Wood Chunk
Copper Anvil
A copper pickaxe.
BronzePickaxe.png Bronze Pickaxe 6 18 2 CraftBronzePickaxe.png 4 Bronze Bars Bronze Anvil.png A bronze pickaxe, from now on stone won't ever resist you!


Pickaxe 7 16 3

Axes[edit | edit source]