Tools are items that allow you to manipulate the land around you. Currently, the types of tool in the game are the pickaxe, axe and hoe. The only hoe in the game is the wooden hoe.


Pickaxes are tools which allow the player to break blocks like dirt, rock, ore, bricks etc.

Image Name Block Damage Digging Cooldown Attack Damage Ingredients Crafting Station Description
Wooden pickaxe.png Wooden Pickaxe 2 22 1 3 Wood Chunks Advanced crafting table.png An improvised wooden pickaxe.
Tin pickaxe.png Tin Pickaxe 4 22 1 1 Wood Chunk, 2 Tin Bars Tin anvil.png A tin pickaxe.
Copper pickaxe.png Copper Pickaxe 5 20 2 2 Copper Bars, 1 Wood Chunk Copper anvil.png A copper pickaxe.
Bronze pickaxe.png Bronze Pickaxe 6 18 2 4 Bronze Bars
Bronze anvil.png
A bronze pickaxe, from now on stone won't ever resist you!
Iron pickaxe.png Iron


7 16 3 8 Iron Bars Iron anvil.png A heavy but efficient axe.
Steel pickaxe.png Steel


8 14 3 8 Steel Bars Steel anvil.png Dig faster with this light and tough pickaxe!
Silver pickaxe.png Silver


10 12 4 8 Silver Bars Silver anvil.png Dig even faster thanks to the lightness of this finely-worked silver pickaxe!
Golden pickaxe.png Golden


10 10 4 8 Gold Bars Golden anvil.png Nothing resists this pickaxe decorated with a magnificent gem.


Image Name Block






Ingredients Crafting Station Description
Axe icon.png Axe 2 1 2 3 Wood Chunks Advanced crafting table.png Indispensable to gather wood.
Wooden spade.png
Hoe 1 22 1 3 Wood Chunks Advanced crafting table.png Allows to harvest plants without destroying blocks.
Flute.png Flute of


- - - 2 Wood Chunks,

1 Iron Bar, 1 Strange Vegetal Matter, 1 Flawed Amethyst

Advanced crafting table.png Allows you to give orders to your pet
Alien Teleporter.png Alien


- - - 4 Alien Blood, 50 Small Crystal
Teleport to Alien Outpost
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