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Transformation up to v0.8.7

Transformation v0.8.9 (version notice: Currently selecting "Rare only" challenge mode on character creation will prevent you from using the transforming feature as you need to start with normal grade enemies to convert a captured monster into a transformation).

The Transformation table allows you to purchase skills to transform into specific monsters and utilize their abilities.

When either you (as a transformed monster) or your captured monster defeats an enemy, experience in the form of green balls drops. This experience can be collected by your captured monster but gives you no benefit. When picked up by you (as a transformed monster), this experience is collected and can be used to unlock further transformations at the Transformation table.

Transformations available include almost all monsters. And some of them act like monsters with no control.

Max level is 30.

To exit the transformation, right click.

Note, your SP will drain whilst transformed and when attacking. The drain rate seems dependent on the transformation chosen.

To transform into monsters, you need a captured monster and Transformation Seals with the level specified in Requirements.

Transformation 1.png

To upgrade the monster type you need a lower monster in a different Transformation Seal specified in Requirements.

The new Transformation will always start at Level 5.

Transformation 2.png

To get Black Souls for Sealing monsters, you need to sacrifice captured monsters or sealed monsters, after the Sacrifice you will get the Capture Gem back.

Sacrificing 2 monsters at once will give a bonus. The bonus is bigger if monsters are of the same type. IE sacrificing two divine butchers will give you far more souls than simply sacrificing the two butchers one after another.


Souls are for rarity of monster not its level:

Normal 8
Rare 96 or 128
Unknown 48 or 128
Divine 256 or 512
Legendary 512